in Natural Language Processing



KnowLP is a research group concerned with issues of Knowledge in Natural Language Processing. The group was founded in April 2014. The core research topic of KnowLP is the representations of world knowledge and background knowledge and how this knowledge can be leveraged to interpret Natural Language.


Former Team Members

Research Projects (Concluded)

OmSieve: Open-Minded Coreference Resolution Sieve Based on Answer Set Programming (TÜBİTAK 3001)

Inspire: Interpreting Natural Language using Answer Set Programming, Inconsistency Management, and Relevance Theory (TÜBİTAK 3501)

Impressum: Medieninhaber Peter Schüller (Privatperson), Marmara Universitesi Muhendislik Fakultesi, Bilgisayar Muhendislik Bolumu, Goztepe Kampusu, Kadikoy 34722 - Istanbul, TURKEY. Email: Telefon: +4369910963525 +905533390009